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Do you have a cause worth fighting for?

Everybody goes through personal growth and everybody believes that theirs matters more than that of others I know from experience. In fact, I empathize with you not really, but I can pretend to be nice. In all frankness, for the C.


Henry Smith Contest I would deliver my thoughts on history, not so much for the audience, but to reassure myself, as the abyss i. With a history degree, I will, indeed, have a bright future, because I will end up working as an electrician.

Never had I agreed with my father more than on that occasion. Why, then, did I become a history major?


Or I could say that history will help me change the world. First, because it allows me to escape from myself standing Rudi is a torture, believe me and live many lives. You see, I was there when Napoleon lost in Waterloo, when Robespierre gleefully beheaded Marie Antoinette, when Mandela triumphed, when Kant came to this world and when Camus left it. The second reason I only understood one year ago while Skyping with a family member who survived the Holocaust. At that moment, I knew why I decided to study history.

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What Is Worth Fighting For?

I want to understand the world. Understanding means perceiving patterns and that means seeing issues from perspectives that you like and dislike. I chose history so that I can help myself and others interpret the world in order to find some clarity and stability in an era which offers neither and perhaps change it after understanding it. But Goliath was not really the greatest giant David had to face that day. Goliath was a fierce foe but it was friendly fire that David would have to watch for most diligently.

A Cause Worth Fighting For

In every war there are occasions when soldiers are accidentally killed by their own brothers. David was getting ready to face some friendly fire but it was not all accidental.

The real enemies of our life are more subtle than Goliath. Consider four subtle. The Enemy of Past Carelessness and Failure.

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Goliath would not have been standing there in defiance against Israel if Israel had not failed to obey God in the past. Israel could and should have driven the Philistines from the land when they first entered it Joshua ; More recently, Saul had led the people to fear the Philistines rather than God 1 Samuel Like Saul, many of our giants are the results of past carelessness and failure. Things we could have dealt with when they were small become giants that seem nearly impossible to drive out of our lives.

Messages in this Series

The Enemy of Criticism and Rejection. David also had to face the critical spirit of nearly everyone who claimed to belong to God around him.


Now David had to face the criticism of his own brothers. And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? It is hard enough to face criticism of our actions but when our motives are challenged we often turn and run. David did not! David handled criticism by doing what God showed him to do.

Wish That I Had… A Cause Worth Fighting For

Colonel Goethals received tremendous criticism throughout the planning and building of the Panama Canal. An assistant had all he could take of the criticism one day. With only a few exceptions, they have no lobbyists. The agenda in Washington and in state capitols gets set by others. From the New Deal and social security to the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights legislation, the Democratic Party has been most effective and inspiring when acting on behalf of those too weak, disenfranchised, or unable to act for themselves. As the Democrats look for their next great cause, it ought to consider the one that all of our futures depend upon.