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Daniel Newman. Lataa koneellesi.

Standard Arabic Phrasebook + Thematic Dictionary - available at Amazon

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'Arabiyyat al Naas Part Three: An Advanced Course in Arabic

Do not set the lock when you want to queue normally without any delays! The Lexicon covers a large number of themes, including flora and fauna, food and drink, the human body, health care, family, housing, clothing education, sports, politics, law, media, professions and trades, time, geography, travel, religion, weights and measures. It also offers an overview of core verbs, nouns, adjective, adverbials and prepositions.

The three appendices cover the names of Arab and selected non-Arab regions, countries and capitals; international organizations and a list of "The Beautiful names of God. It is eminently suited for both class-based courses and self-study.

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He is also involved in a long-term project on mediaeval Arabic erotic literature which will result in the edition and translation of original manuscripts. Newman has translated several works of Arabic literature, both from the pre-modern and modern era.