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He slept through an earthquake while the bed moved across the floor. Some people are just that way. Lots of fun. Anybody else notice how much the first guest sounded like mr. Rogers, I think it was probably just his telephone voice. Crazy how he saw a white juvenile sasquatch back then in Pa then recently an older white one was seen in p.


Cotton top Sasquatch Baby? Two of my brothers had white blonde hair until they were about two years old. One had dark brown hair, the other black. Made me wonder if BF kids are the same way. I feel bad for Jared who saw that shadow. Seeing a shadow just as frightening as seeing it out in the open then having family and friends not believe you.

Thank you for sharing what you know is real. Thankfully you are here to tell.

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I appreciate all of the guests who shared. Man, absolutely not a fan of Trump or his idiotic child like antics, but for 60 minutes to stoop so low is beyond amazing. Having an over the hill porn skank trying to hit another pay day is beyond reprehensible.

Shame on you Anderson Cooper. Shame on you. Stuff like this is why you have to keep your options open when you vote.

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Heck this tabloid piece made me want to vote for Trump in ! Loved the drawing! I bet it was cute, if he thought it were a stuffed animal. Knowing me and not thinking Sasquatch, bet I would have stopped to help the critter. Bet that would have gone bad fast. Thank you Wes Germer.

You are loved by your fans. Thank you to your guests as well. What an excellent drawing! It actually look cuddly. We have you or anyone else heard how Claudia Ackleys hearing went?

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I believe it was Monday the 19th. So I found you guys the same way many others have. After kicking myself for not coming here sooner right, he gives the address every show I became a member and started from the beginning. So now what? I feel like Wes is like my brother or something. Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Something to keep me busy while I wait each week? Not really sure how I will relax for bed each night now.

Hungry herons and the great otter comeback: the wildlife of canals | Cities | The Guardian

Thanks in advance. Wes, I am just crazy about your taste in music, love your show been with you since the beginning, back in the old Woody and Will days. You just keep getting better. Hey Wes! Jareds second encounter was at the same place as mine! Hosacks cave! It was in the middle of winter as well but back in Great show and a big thanks to all the guests! Fasinating stories! Mike, your painting-drwaing of a baby Sasquatch is wonderful! Glad you had Wes post your drawing and tell your stoty: Second guess, you did a great job telling your story as well! It sure looks like a cute little booger.

The 2nd or 3rd guest, the canoer, sounded like he had cottonmouth or a mouthful of marbles. The next guest had bad sound quality too. I think that as a now professional podcaster you know that the number one reason why people stop listening is due to bad sound quality. Love your mission and how you listen to your guests. You are there for them, not for showing off.

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You have a pure heart. Oops, forgot to say that Wes! Listeners to the Sasquatch Chronicles on YouTube probably rake in a ton of money for whoever it is that is uploading videos of the audio recordings of you show. The canal revolution series looks at what our changing waterways reveal about modern British cities. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag canalrevolution to join the discussion or sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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