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Idioms: go to bed with , make love , make whoopee , roll in the hay.

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BUT Pourriez-vous attendre quelques minutes?. Can I borrow a couple of chairs? The coaches were coupled together , and the train set off. The railway carriage was damaged when the coupling broke. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? There were three other couples , following the bride and bridegroom: first, Martin Poyser, looking as cheery as a bright fire on this rimy morning, led quiet Mary Burge, the bridesmaid; then came Seth serenely happy, with Mrs. View in context. He then looked at the couples who had been married for several years. Marriage was as yet in a rude state, and couples had a way of quarrelling and separating.

A short sketch of that felicity which prudent couples may extract from hatred: with a short apology for those people who overlook imperfections in their friends.

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Of the rushing couples there could barely be discerned more than the high lights--the indistinctness shaping them to satyrs clasping nymphs--a multiplicity of Pans whirling a multiplicity of Syrinxes; Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing. He knew young married couples in all their varietiesThe couples who try to behave as if they had been married for many years; the couples who attempt no concealment, and take advice from competent authorities about them. There were few couples on the floor when they arrived at the pavilion, and the two girls essayed the first waltz together.

I think there is nothing more pathetic than to see one of these poor old childless couples taking a menagerie of yelping little worthless dogs to their hearts; and then adding some cursing and squawking parrots and a jackass-voiced macaw; and next a couple of hundred screeching songbirds, and presently some fetid guinea pigs and rabbits, and a howling colony of cats.

Weston most willingly undertook to play as long as they could wish to dance; and the interesting employment had followed, of reckoning up exactly who there would be, and portioning out the indispensable division of space to every couple. So he looked about for a good head and ate it, but no sooner had he swallowed a couple of mouthfuls than he felt very strange, and found himself wonderfully changed.

Weller stepped slowly to the door, as if he expected something more; slowly opened it, slowly stepped out, and had slowly closed it within a couple of inches, when Mr. Here I found some young onions, a couple of gladiolus bulbs, and a quantity of immature carrots, all of which I secured, and, scrambling over a ruined wall, went on my way through scarlet and crimson trees towards Kew-- it was like walking through an avenue of gigantic blood drops--possessed with two ideas: to get more food, and to limp, as soon and as far as my strength permitted, out of this accursed unearthly region of the pit.

Dictionary browser? The trend for makeup twinning relies on both halves of a couple being makeup wearers — and so, for some same-sex pairs, this is nothing new. But as gender stereotypes fade, heterosexual couples are also getting involved. As far back as big names such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs launched male cosmetics ranges.

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The YouTube star James Charles, who has more than 16 million subscribers, became the first ever CoverGirl coverboy in These shifts in expected gender roles have had a real-life effect — and Jessica Blackler, founder of Jecca Blac cosmetics, agrees that it is a rising trend. Monk has gone public with her desire for Gross to eventually pop the question and propose to her. He dumped his final two contestants, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley , in the finale.

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In the season of The Bachelorette Australia , Ali took a risk by choosing Taite — a man who, at the last minute, couldn't commit to marrying her, having children with her or even saying those three words to her. But, the risk paid off, and the pair say that they're happily together, in love and still talking about their future.

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Matt chose Chelsie over runner-up Abbie Chatfield in a dramatic and emotional finale filmed in South Africa. The couple are living in Melbourne. Matt has returned to work as an astrophysicist and Chelsie continues to work as a chemical engineer. Connect with us. Nine 9Honey Celebrity TV.

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Which ones are still together? Tim and Anna are the fairytale couple! Here's where The Bachelor Australia hit a snag. Back to the fairytale stuff!

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In the finale, he presented Snez with a promise ring. In December , Sam proposed to Snez! Hold the wedding plans, because it's baby time!

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And then there were four! But their family wasn't quite complete. She chose Sasha in the finale, however they announced their breakup in December