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How to Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

It will make you think in new and different ways. Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse were creative geniuses. Charlie Sheen is too. But even geniuses need someone who can tell them when they are off the rails. You need a couple people in your life who love you, tell you the truth, and call you on your stuff.

Sometimes your work is ahead of its time.

See a Problem?

Have people in your life who are qualified to know the difference and love you enough to tell you the truth. I hope you find these postcards valuable. They require a lot of thought and effort and are meant to show you the passion I have for your prosperity. So if you find them helpful, all I ask is that you share them. And of course join the discussion and share your own thoughts on the subject. I sent two emails to http: How can I contact you directly to an email address I can get a reply from? Mine is info gerardogangas. From Chile, Gerardo Gangas. These postcards are such a welcome treat in my inbox!!

I am a personal fan of this subject because I think everything worthwhile we create is art, not just in the traditional sculpture, painter, etc. But I love to create and I love to succeed at it. Thanx Randy for your insgihts and energy! We love your creative genius!

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  5. Creativity is for the artists of this world, right?.

Hit 3 homeruns for me!! Im dying I only have a years to live. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

How Meditation Makes Us More Creative – EOC Institute

Great post, Randy, and great suggestions! Play a game where there are no time limits and the rules, whatever they are, keep changing. Always a pleasure to hear from you RG. I also believe the most critical component to tapping in to creative thinking includes being still. In doing so, we are opened up to new thought and are empowered to see the world independently of the status quo. This one practice has opened me up to a new world of thinking, living, and being. However, I know that you are following your bliss. Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration.

Nice to hear from you, Randy; One more of the things, that helps me in creativity is travelling. Keep sending those postcards Randy… you and Seth Godin are my personal long distance mentors!

I have shared your message on Facebook. I appreciate every one of your messages. I seriously intend to bump into you somewhere and having a loooong conversation together. You helped chip away at the old me to help shape the new me. She received her own life training in becoming a creative genius as she navigated the ups and downs of life as a mother, entrepreneur and artist. After a close brush with a life threatening disease, she has dedicated her life to helping individual and organizations realize their own inner potential.

Alka believes strongly in community engagement and has supported the efforts of many organizations including Toastmasters International, where she was a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Division Governor. This book is the first in the series of books on Creative Genius. While the current book is on specific tips of her life experiences, her upcoming book, Creative Genius: How to Find Yours? Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Different Experience. Desperate to emerge from an oppressive and tragic upbringing, 18 year old Phelanie Schizoska leaves Desperate to emerge from an oppressive and tragic upbringing, 18 year old Phelanie Schizoska leaves home and struggles to find her deeper, true self.

Told through Phelanie's interactions with friends and through her own subjective reflections, A Different Experience explores View Product. An Experiment in Color. An Experiment in Color is a book of poetry, prose, short stories, scenes, and imagery An Experiment in Color is a book of poetry, prose, short stories, scenes, and imagery combined with coloring book pages.

Anything that busies your hands and focuses your conscious mind, allowing your unconscious muse to freely roam. This is probably why many writers, including J. People have what scientists call a circadian preference, which essentially means they are either morning people or evening people. Because our conscious mind is groggy during our non-optimal time, it relaxes the reigns on our unconscious mind and gives it more freedom to wander. This is a secret writers have known for a long time. So why is a shower so good for creativity? It is an activity that is relaxing, done in isolation, and lacks other distractions—all essential components for unlocking your inner muse.

To best optimize your shower, consider buying bathtub markers or a waterproof notepad so you can immediately jot down all your amazing ideas. Nature is one of the best places to reacquaint yourself with your unconscious mind. Lots of writers go for walks or run outside to get their creative juices flowing.

Stephen King walked four miles every day until a freak accident stopped him. Plus, as an added bonus, getting outside has been shown to reduce stress , increase happiness and boost physical health! As author Ursula K. Your inner muse may design the first draft, but it is up to your inner editor to perfect the story and get it to the finish line.

Yes, in other words It's not about seizing control, but rather 'ceasing' to control.

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  • Relinquishing control! Those for whom this ability remains elusive will be progenitors of mediocrity. Nice article. Melissa Burkley, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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    Unleashing Your Creativity: Get Inspired

    Once a Narcissist, Always a Narcissist? The Physical Sense of Self. Dogs Demonstrate Episodic-Like Memory. Melissa Burkley Ph. Creativity Submitted by Leif Williams on June 2, - pm.