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Search in. With online reader. For example, Twice Tempted. Login via services. Or use Login form. A large percentage of the movies made in response to the success of Dracula in the s turn out to be pseudovampire movies. Possibly the most questionable inclusion in this list is the vamp. In the silent era, movies with the word vampire in the title were most often about seductive women who destroy men, a character defined as a vampire in the famous poem by Kipling.

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In Theda Bara, we also saw the creation of a vamp who wore a tight black bat-like dress, a costume picked up more recently by the likes of Morticia Addams, Elvira, and Vampira. While Vampira is the only one to be identified as a vampire Morticia and Elvira being witches , though all three are vamps, in the Theda Bara tradition. I have kept the Addams Family movies on the list for convenience and because I am a fan , and have included some Elvira titles because they have a vampire quite apart from her.

Not included in this list are three important non-vampire characters—werewolves, ghouls, zombies. Any movie titles appearing to be about one of those three characters either also include vampires or characters which are hybrids creatures, most often vampiric zombies. The making of this list has involved the watching of a numerous movies whose identification as a vampire movie has been questioned, including movies made from vampire novels and short stories that loose most is not all of their vampire element when transferred to the screen such as occurred in the several filmings of Richard Mathison's famous text, I Am Legend.

In such cases, where some question remains, we have tended to err toward inclusion and allow viewers to make their own judgment. We have also included all the movies about two historical characters who were not themselves vampires, but whose story has become an integral part of modern vampire stuidies—Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory. The Romanian Prince Vlad was known as the son of Dracul dragon , a diminutive form of the title his father had as a member of the Order of the Dragon, the Christian anti-Muslim fraternity. Elizabeth Bathory famously bathed in blood as a means of keeping her youthful looks.

Both Vlad and Bathory appear as characters in multiple vampire movies. As this list developed, it included a varierty of non-fiction documentaries on vampires, many of which appear in VHS and DVD formats. Upon further examionation it was seen that overwhelmingly these were television episodes and specials and more properly listed as television shows than as documentary movies, and they are more than adequately covered in Brad Middletoin's recent text, Un-Dead TV As such, they have been removed from this listing.

A Note on the Silent Era : Prior to Dracula , actually one of the first horror movies made in the era of sound, numerous movies were made with the word "vampire" in the title. Overhwemlmingly, these movies used the term in a metaphorical sense and had little or no relationship to what would be considered a vampire movie in the post- Dracula world. This author is by no means a student of the silent era and has not made the attempt to locate and go through these ealier movies.

Some reference below is made to the several silent movies which are important to the post-Dracula world including the three most important silent era films-- A Fool There Was, Nosferatu , and Vampyr.

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This list, however, concentrates on the post- Dracula era to the present. About this list. The list below is a comprehensive international list of the titles of each known vampire movie now over 2, separate films plus their known alternate titles. For each movie, an attempt has been made to note its country of origin and the date of its initial release. Also, in creating the list, it became evident that identifying movies by various sub-categories was especially useful both to this compiler and those with whom he originally shared the list.

In addition, we have kept some titles from older lists that were either never made or turned out to be something other than a vampire movie in Green. Where identified, we have noted made-for-television movies TV , and along the way indicated various cross-genres in an attempt to indentify vampire comedies, science fiction SyFy , westerns, and African American AA titles.

Where films may be easily confused with one or more films with a like or similar name, a prominent actor or the film's director is listed to assist in identifying it. Given the purpose of this listing, to create a comprehensive list of vampire movie titles, for each movie, we have included the main title, various alternate titles under which it has been released, and the year and place of its production.

No attempt has been made to include the basic data that would generally be included in a filmography beyond that minimally needed to identify the film, Thus we have not included the production company, the director, the screenwriter, or cast names.

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Sources are indicated by a variety of abreviations. Major Sources. This list of vampire movies has been assembled from many sources beginning with the author's own extensive collection, but several sources have been most helpful over the years. This selective list does not include all of the books on vampire cinema consulted, rather it concentrates on those titles which have attempted to survey a broad spectrum of vampire related cinema. Flynn, John L.

Dominated by Countess Suckula

Holte, James Craig. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, Hutchings, Peter. Dracula: A British Film Guide. Tauris, Johnson, Tom, and Deborah del Vecchio. Hammer Films: An Exhaustive Filmography.

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Jones, Stephen. The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide.

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London: Titan Books, Joslin, Lyndon W. Kane, Tim. McKay, Sinclair. London: Aurum, Marrero, Robert. Vampire Movies. Maxford, Howard. Hammer, House of Horror: Behind the Screams. London: B. Batsford, Middleton, Brad. Murphy, Michael J. Nance, Scott. Bloodsuckers: Vampires at the Movies.

O'Brien, Daniel. Pirie, David. The Vampire Cinema. London: Hamlyn, Tohill, Cathal, and Peter Tombs.

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London: Primitive Press, Ursini, James, and Alain Silver. New York: Limelight Editions, Waller, Gregory A. Alex, Vampire Slayer Canada 24 min.