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These had rectangular works plates rather than the normal oval plate on the bunker. In eight , , , , , , and were transferred to the War Department and sent to France. Five , , , and of these returned in In and were sold for use on the Northern Counties Committee lines in Northern Ireland and converted to 5 feet 3 inch gauge for working in Ireland.

In was sold to the National Coal Board for work at one of its collieries near Wakefield.


Four , , and of the class were withdrawn from Westhouses in Thus only three net withdrawals from Westhouses took place. It was withdrawn from service at Crewe South in April and scrapped in September It had spent most of its working life based at Northampton but withdrawn from service at Workington in May and scrapped in December It was not officially allocated to Carnforth. In March it was transferred from Lostock Hall where it arrived the previous month from Fleetwood to Agecroft.

It was withdrawn from service whilst allocated to Patricroft in October It was withdrawn from service at Lostock Hall in February and scrapped in March Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. Very nice to see it and show to family and friends. I wrote it in one of the very first I penned for Tammy, but maybe it went to another girls comic. Does anyone anywhere know where I might see some pages of it?

Jinty James Cozy Mystery Author

Best wishes and thank you! I never worked alongside Malcolm. I met him and Wilf Prigmore when they took me to lunch to some restaurant in the Strand in or Both were real nice.

I was writing some of the Molly Mills and Wee Sue then. I worked much more in-house than freelance. Pete Downer was a friend of Malcolm.

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There were only a handful of great comic writers and I think Malcolm was one of them. I was more run-of-the-mill. Extreme ilnesses have hit my family, so I know how horrible it all is. I had forgotten his name. I knew of Wilf as well. Yes Malcolm was a gifted writer it was so sad that he died so young as he had just begun developing his writing skills for TV.

It has been an impossible task knowing who wrote what as the publishers never said who wrote them.

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Anyway good to hear from another writer. You mentioned it in one of your past messages talking about Malcolm taking his work extremely seriously unlike some others.

  • The Twelve Attunements.
  • The Steam Mug Collection No.4 - Fowler 3F Jinty 0-6-0T No.47406.
  • Suburbanisierung: Konzepte und Instrumente der Raum- und Umweltplanung zur Problemlösung (German Edition);

I also took it seriously, as most people did, you had to, you tried to do your best, you knew the readers were bright and intelligent and wanted original, inspiring stories. He visited Malcolm when he was ill as Pete sadly told me in the office one day. Did you meet Pete? Ex-para, a warm-hearted chap. I worked in an office next to Gil and he told me had been in touch with you.

Best wishes. No worries Terry. It is always good to hear from people who knew him. I pass all the messages on to his sons Adam and Jake which is comforting to them. I remember visiting Pete and his family but of course you lose touch with everyone after a death. IPC staff and his colleagues sent the largest collection of books, annuals, presents for the boys that Christmas which they absolutely loved.

It proved a bit of a distraction after he died. John was my roommate in Dundee. We both worked for D C Thomson. He was in the faction dept.. I was in comics. But who hated her enough to kill her? This is a clean cozy cat mystery with humor, a little magic , and Trixie, the most adorable Persian familiar ever! Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne have an exciting side job planned for the weekend — catering at a self-help retreat!

But when a storm brews and the electricity is cut off, they start to have second thoughts. Will the full moon help or hinder Maddie? Can she find a new spell in Wytchcraft for the Chosen that will aid their investigation?

3F 47260 – 47681 0-6-0T LMS & SDJR Fowler Jinty

Nobody liked the victim — including Suzanne. Maddie is all set to compete in a big barista competition in Seattle, when tragedy strikes. The elegant female judge is found dead, drowned in a big vat of bubbling mocha! Requested by the police to stay in Seattle overnight, Maddie and Suzanne are determined to discover who the murderer is. But once they return home to Estherville, will it really be that simple? The full moon means another spell is revealed to Maddie, but is it one that will help her catch the killer? What will happen when she returns to Seattle the following weekend to finish competing?

Will she be able to help Maddie from one hundred miles away — at home in Estherville?

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The local coffee festival has people buzzing — but for all the wrong reasons. When an obnoxious radio personality is murdered, all signs point to Maddie being the culprit!

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But with only two spells under her belt, can Maddie unmask the killer? Maddie always thought it was a sleepy kind of town, apart from the fact that when she was seven, she found an ancient book, Wytchcraft for the Chosen. Now, twenty years later, she can only cast one spell successfully from the book — the coffee vision spell. When the vision comes true, Maddie is determined to investigate — with the help of Trixie and Suzanne. Later on, she graduated to mysteries written by Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Peters, and many other authors. It was her dream to one day write her own cozy mystery, and now she has, with plans for many more.

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