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More effort went into the jewelry and headwear than into the storytelling. There is graphic bloodshed and anguish when the time comes. For many Christians, though, Easter is about the resurrection, and about hope. This rendition of the story stays true to its title. Once Jesus is killed, the proceedings wrap up quickly, with only a glimmer of the part of the story that ought to be the whole point.

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Log In. Nevertheless, many Jews were disappointed. Crucifixion was a customary punishment among Romans, not Jews. Jews, on the other hand, lacked a motive for killing Jesus. It is therefore unlikely they would have targeted Jesus.

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Matthew, the best-known gospel, describes the unfair trial of Jesus arranged and presided over by the Jewish high priest who scours the land to find anybody who would testify against Jesus. Eventually, the high priest concludes that Jesus is guilty of blasphemy and asks the Jewish council what the penalty should be.

Killing Jesus: A History

All four gospels suggest either implicitly or explicitly that because the Jews were not allowed to punish other Jews who were guilty of blasphemy, they had to prevail on the reluctant Romans to kill Jesus. This is the source for the Christian belief that later generations of Jews are also guilty of deicide, the crime of killing God.

In the writings of the Church Fathers, the authoritative Christian theologians after the New Testament period, this accusation appears with even more clarity and force. Throughout classical and medieval times this theme is found in Christian literature and drama. Here is a rhyming English translation from the original Norman French and Latin:.

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  7. So is this history or historical fiction? That's for the reader to decide. It reads like fiction, that's for certain. I guess, in the end, the whole affair does take a little faith after all, despite of the authors' attempt at objectivity. NOTE: several chapters in this book contain some very gruesome descriptions of punishments, including floggings and crucifixions.

    View 2 comments. This book is number one in the world for a reason. It is a historical account of the most famous man to ever walk this earth. It is a history book, not a religious book. The Romans kept meticulous data on their everyday events and provided a great source of information.

    So did The Greek scholars. I was brought to tears reading in vivid detail the account of Jesus's crucifixion. There is no way we can earn our way to eternal l This book is number one in the world for a reason. There is no way we can earn our way to eternal life through our deeds so Jesus bore all our sins so that if we accept his grace we can have everlasting life. God did this because of his boundless love for us. So this book is certainly a must read for all Christians. Non-Christians will be moved by this story and may well strive to learn more about this great man who we believe to be the son of God.

    In so doing Bill O'Reilly will have done a huge service for mankind. View 1 comment.

    Dec 26, Patrick Hamblin rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction , history. While it is a very easy read, and for the most part historically accurate, there are other books I would recommend on the life and death of Jesus Christ. For instance, on pg. The authors, I assume in trying to set the historical context of Jesus life, frequently talk about the sex lives of the Roman emperors, including actions of pedophilia.

    Essentially, Jesus Christ is a first century Ronald Reagan! Dec 14, Ruth Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. As my mom and I continued to listen to the unending debate, we finally decided to give it a try. And so I went into the book with a complete open mind. I figured that even if the book was completely blasphemous, I could handle it.

    I am a Bible college graduate after all, and I have faced theological liberals in the past, so this would be nothing new. I have to tell you that from the beginning, I was so immersed in the book that it was hard for me to put it down. I learned more history As my mom and I continued to listen to the unending debate, we finally decided to give it a try.

    I learned more history in this book than four years of Bible college or a lifetime in the church and participation in deep Bible studies. I love the fact that O'Reilly wrote this in an easy-to-read and understandable format. And he held nothing back. There were a few times that the history was so gruesome that I wanted to turn away.

    The question I kept asking myself is "Why are Christians complaining about this book? In other words, O'Reilly has written a history book about the most important historical figure in all of history. They are completely wrong. I can say that as a result of reading this book, I am more certain of O'Reilly's faith than I ever have been before. I realize that my positive review may cause my faith to be questioned.

    I believe the Bible one hundred percent, and I can still highly recommend this book.

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    Read it for what it is--a history book. If you read it in the right way, I believe you will think about the person of Jesus Christ in a much different light. I found that I considered things I never thought about before no spoilers--you need to read it for yourself. Dec 07, Brian rated it really liked it. Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard did well grounding the text in a brief history of the Roman Empire, stretching back to Julius' Caesar's return to Rome and ultimate execution.

    Also very well done were the histories of Herod the Great, his sons and the interplay with the Chief Priests and Caiaphas in particular. In addition to my study of scripture over the years, I've read several works of history of this per "Killing Jesus" is very well researched and its story-like format makes for a good read.

    In addition to my study of scripture over the years, I've read several works of history of this period and I've been to the Holy City and surrounding areas several times. I found nearly all of this text to be consistent with my own research and experiences and the wealth of things I learned from this work seemed to fit logically with what I know to be true, further strengthening my take on the book's validity.

    Perhaps most importantly, the book never strays into matters of speculation or of faith and does well not to invoke or to criticize later interpretations that may not be grounded in fact. As an example, the chapter describing the famous scene at the tomb includes no references to the miraculous and ends simply with "To this day, the body of Jesus of Nazareth has never been found. It is interesting to me that this book has received so much media attention, ranging from over-the-top praise to scathing accusation and I suspect reaction from those extremes is coming mainly from people who have not read it.

    Fortunately, a terrific book awaits those who do crack the cover to dive into it. Apr 15, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-z-author-reading-list. Killing Jesus is a historical retelling of the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. It also details the upheaval and unrest in the Roman Empire during his time.

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    Some of the source materials the authors' used may be questionable for their historical accuracy but it is a well-written book that accomplished its goal of telling this ever fascinating story. Happy Easter to all my Goodreads friends! Sep 27, Tamra LeValley rated it it was amazing. Historical, eye-opening and heart-wrenching! This historical non-fiction was so amazing and taught me so much more than I thought I knew that I will have to read it again just so I am sure that I did not miss anything the first time.

    The authors put what Jesus went through in a historical setting with no religion mentioning. I am a Christian and was not offending in the least by this writing.

    It put what the bible states into a more realistic view instead of a story view. T Historical, eye-opening and heart-wrenching!

    Killing Jesus Trailer

    This book was written as if the reader were reading a novel yet it was so informative that I had to take notes to write into my bible. Things such as "a brood of vipers" and the actual meaning of it. When I read this line from now on I will truly understand what the actual writers in the bible of this particular line meant. A must read for Christians and Non-Christians alike.

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