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What do the births of these men mean in our lives? Mary and Elizabeth Coloring Page Ages 7 - Mary's Song of Praise Mary's song of praise, often called the Magnificat, in a color border. Picture Ages over Our Savior Article Ages 15 - Picture of the Angel Gabriel Project Ages up to Prophecies of the Advent Prophecies of Jesus' advent on earth often use the image of new light dawning in darkness to describe the spiritual impact His birth would have on the world.

Project Ages 7 - The Angel Appears to Mary This lesson discusses a story from the Word and suggests projects and activities for young children. Sunday School Lesson Ages 4 - 6. The Angel Appears to Mary A lesson for younger children with discussion ideas and a project. The Annunciation Worship Talk Ages 7 - The Birth of John Zacharias and Elizabeth were very good people who wanted a child very much.

The Lord answered their prayers. John was born to help prepare people to learn from the Lord. Religion Lesson Ages 5 - 6. Includes lesson materials for Primary years , Junior years , Intermediate years , Senior years and Adults. Teaching Support Ages over 3. The Birth of John the Baptist Lesson outline provides teaching ideas with questions for discussion, projects, and activities.

Sunday School Lesson Ages 7 - The Magnificat Worship Talk Ages over The Maidservant of the Lord Spiritual tasks offer a reflection on a Biblical story and suggest a task for spiritual growth. Activity Ages over The Mother of the Lord Imagine what it must have been like to suddenly see an angel and be told such great news. Worship Talk Ages 4 - 6. The Name Mary Article Ages 15 - The Savior Worship Talk Ages 7 - The Spread of the Lord's Word We can be like the shepherds and others who have spread the good news as we learn about the Lord and find ways to tell people.

Religion Lesson Ages 10 - Understanding the Virgin Birth Article Ages 15 - Zacharias and the Angel Coloring Page Ages 7 - The meaning of this verse is pretty straightforward, but look at the language! Is it necessary to say that Jesus opened his mouth to speak? The fact is, though, that the spiritual meaning reinforces the importance of what the Lord was about to say. Study this Passage. As this has reference to the Lord's Divine Rational as regards truth, the expression 'fearing God' is used here, not 'fearing Jehovah', for when truth is the subject the name God occurs, but when good is, the name Jehovah occurs, , , For it was by means of Divine love that the Lord united the Human Essence to the Divine Essence, and the Divine Essence to the Human Essence, or what amounts to the same, glorified Himself, see , , What is meant in the Word by 'fearing God' becomes clear from very many places there when these are understood as to the internal sense.

In the Word the fear of God means worship, and indeed worship based either on fear, or on good that flows from faith, or on good that flows from love.

Jean-Louis Fournier - La servante du Seigneur

Worship based on fear is meant when those who are not regenerate are the subject, worship based on good flowing from faith when regenerate spiritual people are the subject, and worship based on good flowing from love when regenerate celestial people are the subject. References: Arcana Coelestia This is evident in the Book of Kings, The children of Israel feared other gods and walked in the statutes of the nations.

The nations brought into Samaria did not at the beginning fear Jehovah; therefore Jehovah sent lions among them. Then came one of the priests whom they had made captives in Samaria, and he dwelt in Bethel and was teaching them how to fear Jehovah. Jehovah had made a covenant with the children of Israel and had commanded them, You shall not fear other gods, nor bow yourselves down to them, and you shall not serve them, nor sacrifice to them, but you shall fear Jehovah, and bow yourselves down to Him, and sacrifice to Him.

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Here 'fearing' clearly stands for worshipping. In Isaiah, Because this people have drawn near with their mouth, and honoured Me with their lips, but their heart has been far from Me, and their fear of Me has been a commandment of men that has been taught to them Isaiah Here 'their fear of Me' stands for worship in general, for it is said that that fear was 'a commandment of men'.

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In Luke, There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God and did not regard man. Luke References: 2 Kings , , And Moses said to the people, For God has come to tempt you, and to the end that His fear may be before your faces, so that you do not sin. Exodus And elsewhere in the same author, Now why should we die? For this great fire will devour us; if we hear the voice of Jehovah our God any more we shall die. You go near and hear all that Jehovah our God will say, and then you tell us all that Jehovah our God will say to you, and we will listen and act. And Jehovah said to Moses, Who will grant it that they have this heart within them to fear Me and to keep all My commandments all their days?

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Deuteronomy , 27 , Here 'the fear of God before your faces, so that you do not sin' and 'a heart to fear Me and to keep all My commandments' means worship based on fear attributable to them because they are by nature what they are. Indeed people whose worship is external, and not at all internal, are led through fear to respect the law and to obey it; but they do not enter into any internal worship, which is holy fear, unless the good of life is present in them, and they know what is internal, and believe it.

In the same author, If you do not take care to do all the words of this Law that are written in this Book, to fear this glorious and fearful name, Jehovah your God, Jehovah will make your plagues exceptional, literally, wonderful. References: Deuteronomy This is evident from the following places: In Moses, The king will write for himself a copy of this Law in a Book before the Levite priests.

And it will be with him, and he will read from it every day of his life, so that he may learn to fear Jehovah his God, keeping all the words of this Law and these statutes to do them. Deuteronomy Consequently 'fearing Jehovah his God' means worship of Him based on the truth of faith, which, being inseparable from the good of charity, is described as 'keeping the words of the Law and these statutes to do them'. In Samuel, Behold, Jehovah has set a king over you. If you will fear Jehovah and serve Him, and hearken to His voice, both you, and the king who reigns over you, will be following Jehovah your God.

Here too 'fearing Jehovah' stands in the internal sense for worship based on the good and truth of faith, as previously, since a king or the kingly office is the subject. Joshua Here also 'fearing Jehovah' stands for worship based on good and truth which exist with the spiritual man, for 'sincerity' is used in reference to the good of faith, , 'truth' to the truth of faith. In Jeremiah, They will be My people and I will be their God; and I will give them one heart and one way, to fear Me all their days, for their own good and that of their sons after them.

And I will make with them an everlasting covenant, that I will not turn back from doing good to them, and I will put My fear into their heart of not departing from Me. Jeremiah Here 'fearing God' means worship based on the good and truth of faith. This becomes clear from the train of thought and from the fact that the words 'people' and 'God' are used - 'people' being used in reference to those with whom the truth of faith exists, see , , and 'God' being used when truth is the subject, , , end.

In Isaiah, A powerful people will honour You, the city of strong nations will fear You. Here also 'fearing God' stands for worship based on spiritual truth, since the expressions 'people' and 'city' are used - 'the city' meaning doctrinal teaching that is true, see , , , References: Arcana Coelestia , Arcana Coelestia He will teach him the way that he should choose. Psalms Here 'the man that fears Jehovah' stands for one who worships Him.

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In this last part of his series on what he learned about vocations at WYD , Deacon Pedro reflects on the third and final lesson: belong. Right from the moment Pope Francis arrived in Panama, he was already speaking about vocation. This year during WYD the Church happened to celebrate the memorials of some very memorable saints. Renaudet aux Freres Hospitaliers, no. In , only three Brothers and four very old pensioners remained at the hospital.

See reference to him in this article in a later section. Cadillac was not the only one who found the location desirable for a trading center.

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She served as godmother six times from August of to May of The contract stipulates that he will be fed and given drink, provided heat and a bed, be treated gently and humanely, and even have his clothes washed. The document was written in Villemarie, rue St. Notary David, ANQ, photocopy. See Part 3. Eight plots east of the fort area about 16 arpents? Gilbert had been granted land by Tonty. Family members of the voyageurs, including the women, obviously traveled back and forth with the men.

The Javillon couple was definitely married by a representative of the Church before the baptism of their son Antoine 15 April at Bellevue. Marie-Anne and Louis died at Detroit, as cited earlier. It was a very busy season. Brother Louis-Joseph Lefebvre m. Chevallier and Larchevesque families were active at Saint-Joseph and at Michilimackinac, but I have not linked this Marguerite Chevalier to these families, although Jean-Baptiste had a sister Marguerite, born Also photocopy.

Jean-Baptiste Morisseau, her brother-in-law, and an interpreter, was present at the wedding. Neuf enfants naissent de cette union entre et Henri Morisseau, O. En , il contracte mariage avec Suzanne Petit, fille du huissier royal de Ville-Marie. NAC C, ff.

Digital images on ArchiviaNet. PRDH If I am reading the register notation correctly, he had apparently originally been buried outside of the cemetery or, possibly, he was now being buried there, although I doubt such a burial would make its way into the register. It seems more likely the body was transported from its burial outside the cemetery and reburied in with the blessings of the Church. I have not yet seen the documents Moogk cites.

There were several other types of beaver, each type in demand at different times. Of the Iroquoise village of the Fall of St. Of the different nations inhabiting Canada. Lewis, May 1, See also my Part 6. I have a number of New France hiring contracts for Toussaint Lecavelier that I have not fully analyzed. Also see Frank Severance, cited above, for his references to Cavelier. Cadillac granted him land at Detroit in March of He and his family were settlers at Detroit, their ninth and last child born there in See my Part 7.

I read Ononthio on the original Sainte-Anne de Detroit register]. She cannot be the child of Isabelle. There may be a Charbonneau link with the English colonies, but precisely what the link could be is, as of now, unknown. Witnesses were Jacques Cheval dit St.