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Why We Do What We Do
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And most recently, we learned every Central Elementary School Mind Changers student who participates in our after-school enrichment program made A-B honor roll for the second nine weeks of the school year. We are making an impact!

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We applaud the monumental achievements made by Mind Changers students in — all of which Why We Do What We Do There is a need to reach out to our community to mentor young boys and girls because of the absence of positive role models in the community. We feel that it is very important that participants are exposed to new experiences, develop good social skills, and challenge themselves to strive towards academic achievement.

We will help the students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world of work. Most importantly, we are here to give students guidance and assist them in developing a positive plan for a successful future. Becoming a growth mindset school The idea of becoming a growth mindset school has been over a year in the making.

Our Headteacher bought each member of SLT a copy of Mindset for Christmas, and it was the main agenda item at our annual senior team conference. This is the basis of the presentation I did.

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Our INSET session was for all staff — teaching, support, administrative, catering, site, network, technicians — everyone! In this post I hope to summarise some of that learning.

The scourge of motivational posters and the problem with pop psychology in the classroom Fifteen years ago I watched David Brent give this masterclass in motivation. This was before I started teaching, and when I entered the profession I was horrified to learn that this kind of stuff appeared to be embedded in so much of education from the Monday morning assembly to the top-down CPD session.

Developing a growth mindset in the classroom This article first appeared in Sec Ed magazine in April