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According to the Center for Disease Control CDC , only about one in five mothers actually manages to breastfeed exclusively during the first six months. And for working mothers choosing to provide their babies with breastmilk in their absence, companies and managers must support breastfeeding employees and set them up for pumping successfully at work.

And it is. By conservative estimates it equates to 1, hours in a baby's first year which is close to 40 hrs a week if you factor in a few weeks for vacation. And since working mothers are always up against the clock, the last thing they need is to be concerned about the minutes ticking away and the thought of making up that time.

Yes, pumping takes time, but in the scheme of their tenure, what are a few months of additional breaks?

Though under some state laws, employers can treat paid breaks as nursing breaks , under no circumstances should working mothers ever be forced to make up lost time for example, staying until pm to accommodate two 20 minutes breaks. Not only is it unnecessary, but it keeps working mothers from spending that time with their babies.

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I was not one of those mothers that made it to six months. Breastfeeding was difficult enough while I was on parental leave, and heading back to work, lugging my hospital grade pump back and forth to the office each day, did not make things any easier. In one office, I found myself taping paper to the glass walls of a conference room that didn't even have a lock.

I would pump in the corner of the room with my back turned to the door, and hope that people would notice the do not disturb sign on before they just barged in. But using these services comes with a significant price tag making that out of reach for many new moms. Managers and companies have an opportunity to better support their working mothers by providing services like Milk Stork, subsidizing or ensuring new and better pumps are covered by insurance the Elvie pump is increasingly covered by more insurance plans and by providing great accommodations for pumping moms.

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The training included why breastfeeding is good for business, conducting effective outreach with businesses and easy steps to implement a lactation support program at a worksite. Applicants committed to both of the following:. Availability is limited. Employers in Colorado who invest in a breastfeeding families have proven to produce a 3 to 1 ROI return on investment through less sick days, greater employee retention, and lower healthcare costs.

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Are you an employer looking for help supporting breastfeeding employees? Click here for Colorado resources and for county Breastfeeding-Friendly workplace recognition programs. C lick here for information on the Business Case for Breastfeeding resources and here for ideas and employer solutions.

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COBFC Strategic Goal: To lead and collaborate with partners to advocate for breastfeeding support in Colorado on behalf of all breastfeeding families and pass appropriate legislation. Connect with USBC to ensure your local coalition is on the list! Boulder County Breastfeeding Coalition. Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition. Chaffee County Breastfeeding Coalition. San Luis Valley Breastfeeding Coalition.

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Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition. Pueblo Breastfeeding Coalition.

Items : 0. Join Us Donate Meetings Membership. Interested in advocating for breastfeeding in Colorado? Public Breastfeeding Law Colorado Revised Statutes Establishes a mother may breastfeed in any place she has a right to be.

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If your employer is clueless, be an educator! Find an advocate to help you! Private Civil Rights and Employment Attorneys — these attorneys may be able to represent you often on a contingency fee basis or help you find another attorney who can: Colorado Department of Labor — Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers. Kimberly J. Do not delay if you are considering getting legal help! Please Contact Us for more information.