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Forget-Me-Not: How to Remember People’s Names (Almost) Every Time

Even if the fear is not very rational, you have the fear just the same. This is more likely for certain types of personalities. What about the second part of the quotation? Is there not something you love? Someone you care deeply about?

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Someone you long to see and be with? Someone who brings great joy into your life?

A hobby. A special place.

A treasured possession. A sports team. It need not be complex. And have you not lost something in your life journey? A special person who was dear to you? A job that you loved?

HIMYM - How Ted Met Marshall

A physical ability that an injury or the years has taken away? You may have even lost two life partners as my neighbor has.


There are countless more of these losses that we must all face at some point in our journey. To those we hardly know. The good news is, as you get older, people and employees expect you to have memory lapses. But I think they also start to listen and watch more carefully for signs of dementia so you really have to employ as many memory aids as possible to keep them guessing. I hope these ideas are helpful.

Stop what you're doing. Look at the person. If you don't catch their name when it was originally told to you, ask for it again. Saying it immediately will help you remember it when they walk away. Save the person's name. Say the name at least three times in conversation. When first introduced, use the person's name several times as you talk to them.

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For example, you might say: Visualize or try to picture in your mind something about the person you are most likely to remember e. Something or someone familiar to you: A noteworthy physical feature or personality characteristic.

  1. “Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.”.
  2. In Honor of His Birthday: Remembering the Day I Met Pope Francis.
  3. Personal Data Collected.

For example, you might think of someone with a big head of blonde hair as "Ryan the Lion"; a very tall girl might be "Tall Tiffany"; a lady with the gift of gab may be "Chatty Cathy. The more outlandish and colorful the picture, the easier it will be to remember. Longer names may need to be broken down into syllables to create memorable pictures.

The full name should create ONE picture. The person whose name you have made a picture of should be in the picture.

How to Remember People You Meet at Networking Events

For example, to remember the name "Pitchford" you could think of the person pitching something at a Ford Bronco. Say the name silently to yourself a few times. Try to use the person's name in conversation repeatedly. Introducing the person to others can be an easy way to repeat the name without drawing attention.

Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. His determination to befriend him may have been exuberant but his devotion knew no bounds. Not even Petrification by a Basilisk in his first year seemed to dissuade him from pursuing the friendship. Brave little Colin eventually met his demise during the Battle of Hogwarts after creeping back into the school to fight.

RIP, Colin.

Some people never forget a face

Determined to date the Chosen One, Romilda was quite prepared to do whatever it took to achieve her goal. The only Slytherin to out-haughty Draco Malfoy , the wealthy and well-connected Zabini refused to be impressed by his Death Eater pal. With a nearly Snape-worthy sneer, Zabini not only put Malfoy in his place but was also dismissive and skeptical when Malfoy tried to impress his cohorts by implying that he was destined to support the Dark Lord rather than finish his education.