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Story from Music. The Ronettes had it all wrong. The best part of breaking up is not the making up. That rarely happens, and when it does, it often leads to more breaking up. No, the real pleasure in having your soul shredded by another human being comes in the days, weeks, months, or maybe even years of wallowing that follow.

This journey into the self can be scary, but luckily, generations of musicians have written songs to soundtrack the plunge. What follows are the saddest and therefore finest breakup songs of all time. A few days later, Marjorie Empson, the lead of a local ladies reading club, is battered to death with her walking stick, shortly after its latest meeting. The members of the reading club were secretly investing in the stock market and their investments were doing rather well.

Barnaby and Troy investigate whether both incidents are linked. When two more murders slowly follow the first, they encounter lots of personal secrets of many in the village and a pool man who seems to be everywhere.

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James wants the wood felled, whereas Simon want to stop this going ahead with the help of his friend and barrister Bernadette Sullivan. Mr Fielding sees the body, too, the next day. Once the trees start to be felled another victim is found, convincing Barnaby and Troy to believe that both victims were that of murder.

With the help of little Julie and her brother, D. Barnaby and DS Troy learn of the history and a web of lies and secrets beneath the surface of this picturesque village.

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With romantic liaisons, an attempted burglary and some word-processed lines from a well-known rhyme taking Barnaby and Troy on a journey into the past. It looks like the killer could be right under their noses. Daniel Talbot, a student of the prestigious Devington School, drops dead shortly after returning for help upon being viciously attacked in woodland during the school's annual St.

Malley's Day race. His father, Anthony Talbot, insists that someone from the nearby village of Midsomer Parva was responsible, but things are not as straightforward for Barnaby and Troy, when they slowly discover that Daniel had wanted to run away during the race. Their investigation quickly turns up hidden conspiracies concerning both the school and its secretive, elite group known as the Pudding Club, whose members throw up a wall of silence, just before more bodies turn up.

The double murder of eccentric widow, Isobel Hewitt, and adulterous doctor, Duncan Goff, lead Barnaby and Troy into finding out more about their personal and private lives in the village of Malham Bridge. While Troy suspects an antique dealer that Isobel befriended is the culprit, Barnaby is not convinced, believing anyone the victims knew when they were alive could have been the murderer, from the doctor's wife to the local owner of a restaurant.

Even Isobel's close family and members of a local fly fishing group are suspects as they investigate all possible angles.

When Martin Wroath is found dead in his home in Midsomer Worthy, Barnaby is unconvinced that he committed suicide with his own shotgun in an unnecessarily complex fashion. When a second murder occurs on an assault course at a local cottage hospital, in which Wroath was a patient, the detective suspects a link between the two murders, and soon finds a wealth of hatred, jealously and lies, before discovering that rope in the village is mysteriously disappearing.

Joyce is taking part in an open-air art class, being held on the village green of Midsomer Florey, when she discovers the body of an elderly fellow student, Ruth Fairfax, concealed beneath some undergrowth shortly after a session. Just as Barnaby begins to learn that Ruth was not all she seemed to be, officers of the NIS pull him off the case.

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While Troy is allowed to assist them, Barnaby is left handling a local operation into a spate of thefts, yet he decides to continue his investigations in secret. In doing so, he soon turns up armed robbery, unaccounted stolen money, former criminals, and secret liaisons, before discovering that the NIS investigation is not being as thorough as it should be. At his family home in Upper Warden, arrogant actor Larry Smith is killed, when a summer house he walks in to as part of a promotion for the sequel to his hit film, The House of Satan , is suddenly destroyed in an explosion. His family quickly fling accusations for his murder directly at the residents of rival village, Lower Warden, leading Barnaby and Troy to determine if this is the case, especially when Larry's director, another member of the family, is electrocuted while using an exercise bike.

It's not long before secrets, affairs and blackmail begin to surface from within the two villages.

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While Troy assists an attractive wildlife liaison officer with an investigation into the illegal sale of protected bird eggs, Barnaby travels to Midsomer Magna to investigate the sudden death of a man, who apparently drowned himself. While there was evidence he was desperately seeking to avoid bankruptcy, and had visited a local millionaire to get back his money from a scheme he had invested in, a post mortem reveals that he had been murdered.

The two detectives soon find their investigations crossing over, when a man found to have an illegal collection of bird eggs, is also murdered, prompting concerns that the millionaire's scheme is being used to defraud many, and that someone is willing to kill to keep the scheme going. Last regular appearance of DS Gavin Troy. Peter J. First appearance of DS Dan Scott.

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Several decades ago, Roger Heldman died in what appeared to be an accident at a dig near to Midsomer Barrow, shortly after it had turned up two important Celtic pieces. When one of them, a spear, is used to kill his son Gareth, a womaniser like his father, Barnaby and Scott delve into a world of falsehoods, rituals, lies and hidden interrelationships, to uncover the truth.

Initial suspicions lie to both the local river keeper, Harry Green, and the victim's half-brother, David Hartley-Reade, until new evidence suggests Roger was murdered. Then David is murdered during the climax of a summer solstice celebration, while performing a ceremony to save his failing marriage. While Midsomer St Michael prepares for the 12th year of its Literary Festival, which often becomes a hotbed for feuding writers, editors and publishers, Barnaby and Scott are called to the village to investigate who had expertly broken the neck of a former prize-winning author.

They soon find that the world of fictional writing is far darker than it appears, when the victim's editor is shortly found dead during the festival's opening ceremony, leading the detectives to uncover lies, fraud and hidden truths, as the pair search for a connection behind the deaths. As a conflict between residents of Midsomer Worthy and commercial developers brews over the fate of a local pub, the Maid In Splendour, a popular barman who works there, Jamie Cruickshank, is found dead at an abandoned cottage in woods near to the village.

As Barnaby and Scott investigate, they wonder who wanted him dead when the pub's new manager, Stephen Bannerman, seemed a more likely target after they find that he was thoroughly disliked and was threatening to tear the Splendour down.


When Bannerman is soon murdered, the detectives wonder if Jamie's murder was unintentional. When the village of Midsomer Parva set alight the straw effigy of a woman as part of the revival of an old pagan festival, no one could foresee it ending in tragedy when the local curate screams out in agony from within the effigy. His death quickly turns the community against Liz Francis, the local teacher who organized it, yet as Barnaby and Scott investigate his murder, they soon discover that the curate had been in conflict with Alan Clifford, a pornographer who had moved into the area recently.

When more people suddenly die from bouts of spontaneous human combustion, the detectives soon suspect someone is using the illusion of witchcraft to cover up the real motive behind the murders. Nine years after Ferdinand Villiers committed suicide at his family's home of Draycott Hall, the extended Villiers family gather together to celebrate Christmas. When a note in a Christmas cracker proclaims that two members of the family will be dead by midnight on Boxing Day, everyone assumes it to be nothing more than a joke until Aunt Lydia, the eldest member of the family, nearly dies from smoke suffocation before falling down the stairs during the night.

Just before she dies from her injuries, Barnaby learns from her that someone had pushed her and soon discovers her near-death earlier in the evening was no accident. Both he and Scott soon find themselves trying to determine the motive for Lydia's death, and quickly uncover many secrets and lies tied to Ferdinand's suicide, before another member of the family is killed in what appears to be a shooting accident.

When local undertaker, Patrick Pennyman, is found by his wife bludgeoned to death in his own chapel of rest with a heavy object, Barnaby and Scott find themselves wondering who within Fletcher's Cross left him with a shocked look upon his face before he was killed. As they investigate, the pair quickly find themselves drawn towards a local spiritualist church that had been heavily controversial in the village, after a friend of Joyce, investigating both the church and the undertaker on suspicion that they were stealing from the dead and using information acquired from them, is murdered shortly after the latest spiritualist meeting.

A day at the annual Midsomer Regatta is cut short for Barnaby, when the body of Guy Sweetman, a member of a local boating club, emerges from the river at Morton Shallows. Both he and Scott quickly learn that Guy was a ladies' man with many enemies, and had been in secret meetings with a few other members.

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  5. It's not long before the two detectives uncover lies, jealously, a planned robbery and blackmail, before the latest woman Guy loved and was planning to marry, is attacked and nearly killed. When a female classics scholar, a member of a group of orchid lovers, is found poisoned in her own home by a local handyman, Barnaby find himself returning to Midsomer Malham the day after he and his wife had helped out in the village's annual garden show. It quickly transpires that the victim not only had a secret lover, but had also smuggled a rare, priceless, one-of-a-kind orchid - the Yellow Roth - out of Borneo.

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    It soon becomes clear the orchid was the motive for her murder, when one of the other members who bought the Roth is soon found dead, with their own collection destroyed. A successful day at the races for the racehorse, Bantling Boy, is overshadowed the following day when Bruce Hartley, one of the horse's owners and an alcoholic horse trainer, is found murdered within the horse's stables, having been struck on the back of the head.

    Barnaby and Scott quickly learn that the night before his murder, Hartley had been in dispute with the other owners of the horse at Bantling Hall, and had refused to allow them to accept an offer to buy the horse. Although they assume the motive was over the sale of the horse, they soon find a darker motive when one of the other owners is murdered in the exact same fashion, but with a pennant of cloth left in their mouth. Barnaby and Scott are drawn into the strange world surrounding the ability of "Second Sight", when they find themselves in the village of Midsomer Mere to investigate the sudden death of John Ransom, shortly after he had been kicked out of the local pub for fighting with his brother-in-law over the upcoming baptism of his niece.

    John is quickly discovered to have been a lab rabbit for his brother Max, who suspected he had the ability, much like those of local family, the Kirbys. As Barnaby tries to determine if the ability is real, he soon encounters tensions between the two families, an unlucky bookmaker, a priest attempting to save the local church, a man who he swears he saw before, and more murders.

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    While it appears to be suicide at first, Barnaby is quickly convinced by the evidence he sees that Nick Turner, a solicitor who lived in Midsomer Magna, did not walk off the roof of his home, but was dropped to his death. When it transpires that his neighbour, Jack Wilmot, has disappeared shortly after his death, both Barnaby and Scott begin a search for answers, and soon turn up rumours that Nick had lost money he had stolen from his clients' accounts.

    It's not long before their investigations turn sinister, when Nick's rival, Otto Benham, is brutally murdered after having wine bottles catapulted at him, all within view of his wife. The victim was well known to the family and had been on a tour of the factory the day before his body was found, around the same time that the Plummers had been discussing the state of the floundering business during a general meeting, to which Ralph Plummer had angered his siblings by refusing to sell it.

    It's not long before legal documents, resentment of the family, and odd sightings, add to the mystery of the investigations. Richard Cameron. Last appearance of DS Dan Scott. Peter and Caroline Cave are house-hunting in Midsomer Newton.