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Five years old and left to fend for herself, she wanders for days, eventually succumbing to malnutrition and thirst. On the point of death she is rescued by the medicine woman of a Neanderthal clan. Ayla is not Neanderthal and known to the Clan only as one of the Others.

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The Clan must decide whether to abandon Ayla or adopt her. The medicine woman, Clan Leader and Clan magician are sensitive, well-rounded characters that you care about. The problem with the novel is its length. It is quite simply far too long. The narrative is inundated with repetitive irritating details, one instance of such being the numerous descriptive passages detailing herbs and all their uses.

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Yet overall I found much to delight, with many nuances lingering long after the pages closed. They were complex, orderly and ultimately doomed to extinction. This is a masterpiece, albeit flawed. Well worth reading. Toggle navigation.

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This motivating title inspires young readers to brainstorm different ways to use their interests, talents and skills to enrich their school environments. From starting a welcome club for new students to organizing litterless lunch days, there are countless ways kids can promote positive change at their schools.

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  • Narrated by Teddy, this poignant and beautifully illustrated book is the companion to A Bear in War. Bear loves his forest home, but he gets lonely. He decides to have a winter party to make friends with the other forest creatures. He decorates his den and bakes delicious treats, but Bear worries that his forest neighbours may be too frightened to come. Just when he is about to give up hope, Bear spots Deer peeking out from behind a tree. Beavers may not be as majestic as a lion or as ferocious as a shark, but never underestimate these wetland warriors! The first book in a new Superhero Field Guide series, this title is an informative, laugh-out-loud look at a keystone species and animal hero — the humble beaver.

    Perfect for readers who like their facts served with a large dose of humour.

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    • Meet some remarkable girls from all over the world. The stories of their lives can be difficult to imagine. They describe the barriers and dangers that they, and millions of other girls, face daily. Despite the hardships they must overcome, these girls have hope for the future and strive to make their lives and those of their families and communities better. Lull your little one to sleep while counting the animals also nestling in for the night. Frankie is a little bear who goes to sleep each night with a ball of yarn unravelling in his paws and listening to the sound of his mother's knitting needles.

      Frankie dreams in all the colours of yarn until his mother's knitted surprise is ready… a blanket which, like a magic carpet, will always bring him home no matter how far he goes in his dreams. Is it possible to live forever? People have been trying to figure out a way to escape mortality since, well, forever.

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      This intriguing book takes readers on a fast-paced tour of some wacky and wise methods humans have used to try prolonging their lives — from ancient immortality elixirs and quests for a fountain of youth to modern-day research into cryogenics and robotics. Buckle up for true stories of the chiefs, strongmen and outlaws who kept the peace! On the barren plains of Below, a teenage boy named Hokk lives in exile. Overhead, on the floating islands of Above, Elia is enslaved in endless drudgery. Desperate to return to their lost homes, they are propelled toward a centuries-old battle for the very earth and sky around them.

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      That is, until he discovers they have a dog. Ben is afraid of dogs… dogs are all teeth and jaws. Then it turns out the dog is scared of things, too! Can Ben overcome his fears to make a new kind of friend? He hunts for his food left on a plate by Mom and Dad and communicates in grunts. In his cave, Ben can imagine a world where friends control their own destinies and distance is no obstacle. Since her traumatic brain injury, Madeline has grown apart from her twin sister.