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The Hook: This is the part you really want people to remember. Although it tends to be the chorus, it can also be the refrain. However, modern production tools are causing ABABCB to evolve into just a verse and chorus, with artists instead beginning to introduce more sonic variety. For example, techniques to update the sound of a verse might include adding a reverb, synth or pitch- and time- shifting vocals. This technique gives the listener a feeling of lyrical, rhythmic and melodic contrast, making it very effective.

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It's no surprise this structure is the foundation of some of the biggest pop hits. I applied for a few positions but never got a call back.

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After work I would flood my Harlem apartment with tearsheets and research and books on journalism. I threw myself into the work of creating the brand.

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At the time, the music industry paid well, so I had enough saved to fund my own seed round. A decade later, that single print magazine has turned into a full service media company. Bleu Life Media includes the flagship magazines, the YouTube channel Bleu TV, a podcast, and an agency representing multicultural digital influencers.

Don't listen to the advice you hear about "being humble. I remember early in my days as an assistant at Def Jam, there was an artist that had a show in Philadelphia. However, he left the clothes he needed in New York. There was an option to FedEx the clothes overnight, but that was risky. So instead I took my own credit card and rented a car and drove the clothes to his hotel that night. That stood out.

The Secrets of Successful Podcast Music

The entertainment industry is getting smaller and smaller. Those who want to survive in the record label environment must find a way to make themselves irreplaceable.

5 Secrets Hidden In The Music Of Undertale

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Many musical personas are fake

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I Show You Secrets. World of Magic. Dance of the Snake. Gold in the Pyramid. Beautiful Flower of the Bad.