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Patagonia Adventure

Its oceanic and ecological processes occur in very vast sectors and are fundamental to mitigate the effects of climate change, provide valuable services to human societies and also provide unique natural spectacles. Read More.

Patagonia! A Majestic Unknown Land In South America - Real Wild Documentary

Our Strategy The Forum is an international network created to coordinate the joint work of those civil society organizations focused on promoting policies and measures to guarantee the sustainability and viability of the Patagonian Sea ecosystem. We promote strategies to complete the projects and programs that challenge us today and that each organization could not achieve on their own:. Marine Protected Areas Systems.


Regional School for MPA managers. Clean Patagonian Sea.

Melting beauty: The Patagonian icefields

Lighthouses of the Patagonian Sea. See All. Latest News.

Enter your text here. Think mountain traverses, mountain ascents and rock-climbing classes. Some rites of passage never lose their appeal, so strap on that heavy pack and hike through howling steppe and winding forests to behold these holiest-of-holy granite mountain spires. Las Torres may be the main attraction of its namesake park , but this vast wilderness has much more to offer. Patagonia offers some of the world's best whale-watching and Puerto Madryn is the place to glimpse them.

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The historic sites of Puerto Hambre Port Hunger and Fuerte Bulnes are the centerpiece of this privately managed park, an excellent introduction to regional history. The museum is Patagonia's best. Hourly presentations, sometimes in English, create a vivid picture of the lives of indigenous inhabitants and intrepid settlers. There's a restored wooden fort, where a fence of sharpened stakes surrounds the blockhouse, barracks and chapel. Though just a fraction of their previous size, the modern icefields remain the largest expanse of ice in the Southern Hemisphere outside of Antarctica.

Science and Management, tensions and opportunities for the management of Marine Protected Areas

But rapid change is ongoing. Meltwater from the Patagonian icefield contributes to sea level rise.

The contribution is less than what will come from Greenland and Antarctica, but scientists plan to keep studying the region from space, from the air, and from the ground. The images below highlight this dynamic region. Click on the links for even more insight about each icefield and its glaciers. The northern remnant is the smaller of the two icefields, covering about 4, square kilometers about 2, miles.

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Read more The southern icefield spans about 13, square kilometers about 8, miles , more than three times larger than the northern section.