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Chapter 03 Building Beyond Spain. Chapter 04 Sacred Spain.

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Spanish Grammars of Creation. Nathan E. Chapter 01 Spanish Territories Global Geographies. My stories come from my past, the westside barrio of my youth, the tales my abuelitos and abuelitas told about their migrant lives, the music my father played, the faith of my mother. Texas Town Legends. This book is published jointly by Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. Upon their return from the front, the small-town soldiers and heroes armed now with a new perspective returned as catalyst of change, ready to engage, and transform the social, racial, and economic dynamics for mejicanos in Uvalde, Texas town they left.

The author examines and describes how life changed when the men who valiantly heeded the call to arms came back home. Rotondo in Italy.

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They became amply adept, when they returned home determined to improve the social and economic conditions for mejicanos, although, at first, the advancement was slow and incremental. They did set in motion a transformation that took years to gain control of their town, and fight their local Ku Klux Klan, school board, city hall, landowners, and the power structure that oppressed them before the war. It is an American, a Texan, as well as a Latino of duty to country, flag, struggle, and liberation. Her former company, Workforce Development Strategies, provided customer service training.

In May of , during the Obama Administration, the small town of Postville, Iowa, experienced an Immigration Raid in which nearly Latino immigrant workers in the meat processing industry were arrested. The Postville Raid, the second largest in U.

A group of 40 women were arrested but released with GPS monitors on their ankles so that they could care for young children, and were held in Postville for over a year during which they were not allowed to work to support their families. These are the life stories, told in their own words, of some of the workers who were affected by the raid. Our only dignified answer should be fair and lasting immigration reform.

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I remember the stories of the parents and the children who could not find each other, a community simply devastated by the raid, and the religious community stepping up to help, provide shelter, and provide information in the vacuum. Postville instantly became iconic in the community for why we need immigration reform and it is still an image that haunts and inspires me. And it is a story that must be told and remembered.

Luis V. House of Representatives IL The authors dedicate this book to the women and men who generously shared their testimonies of the Postville ICE raid. Stories shape our lives. Stories inspire. Stories bring to life our deepest held values and beliefs. Stories inform and stories have the potential to transform.

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My hope is that the stories within this sacred text will have the power, not only to transform individual hearts, but ultimately to transform our current immigration policy. Guerrero and Louis Reyes Rivera. This book is published by Floricanto Press. Guerrero and Louis Reyes Rivera have given us Oriana once more in what could pass as a latter-day romance of chivalry. There is nothing virtual about Latin American reality as it borders so closely on the world of the fantastic.

Its tale might well drive some contemporary Quixote daft. Readers of this novel must be careful and look to their sanity.

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This story melds the personal, and the individual characters, with the political and international which is handled organically. This book reminds me of one of my favorite novels of the last years, Four Hands, by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, a book that also features a journalist-protagonist, along with a cast of other characters.

Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg. ISBN: pages.

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Guatemala, Pueblo Nublado, Sofi is a rural teacher who arrives at Casa Montesanto, located at the foot of a volcano in the beautiful and mysterious Bosques Nebulosos, to be the assistant of the Vega sisters. Unsuspectingly, she finds herself at the service of a dark and greedy family, obsessed with power and wealth, that hides a sinister past. Cecilia, the youngest daughter, has been forced to create her own secret world to survive after a horrible trauma left her mute. By helping her, Sofi begins a journey full of love, determination, and courage that continues through Camila, her granddaughter.

Grandmother and granddaughter tell the story in two voices. This thought-provoking thriller, beautifully written, breaks through the barriers of a conventional Gothic novel. A true masterpiece! Magic and verb are the key ingredients of this great story, which challenges the reader from the first to the last paragraph. Patricia Sorg is an award winning Guatemalan artist who has exhibited her work throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Captivated by the colors and beauty of her native country, Patricia has been telling vivid stories through her paintings since she was very young.

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Now an American citizen, Patricia lives in Sarasota, FL, where she is dedicated to her creative career, exhibits her work and leads painting workshops. I never saw them again. This is a story of legal immigration to the United States and forced family separation. The consul advised the mother that she could not immigrate together with her children.

First she would have to get a visa for the USA, establish a place of residence, and provide proof of income in order to petition for her children to join her in New York. The three children, two girls and a boy, were left behind in boarding schools for two years. At least, the sisters were together during that time.

see url The family followed the rules and came here legally. However, the separation fractured the family forever and it has never been the same. They are not close even today. In New York, the mother created her own social circle and the sisters made new friends. The boy became detached from the family, but socialized in school and neighborhood. Forced family separation was thrusted upon legal immigrants as well. This is one of the stories. Javier Mendoza was born on in Ecuador. He attended six private schools and catholic schools in Guayaquil and Rocafuerte by the time he finished the fifth grade.

When he was ten years old he arrived with his two sisters in Manhattan in May of His mother constantly moved the family; they lived in six different apartments until they bought a house in Queens, NY in Mendoza graduated from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in and enrolled in four different colleges before he graduated from St. Mendoza worked on Wall Street for twenty years and later worked as a Management Consultant for fifteen years.

By Enrique S. This novel details the rite of passage of a family, pushing through various Catch obstacles within a paradox of the present, past, and future coexisting. The story, a prophesy, will lure the passerby to walk the tightrope between day dreams and nightmares.